Summersville Arena & Conference Center
3 Armory Way, Summersville, West Virginia  |  304-872-3722
2017 ARENA Calendar of Events:

January 6-7
 Rough & Rowdy Brawl
January 21 
Red Carpet Prom Fashion Expo
January 22
David Hypes Wrestling Tournament
January 27-29  
R&R Gun and Knife Show

February 11-12
Coalfield Wrestling Tournament
February 16-18 
WV Christian Athletic Basketball Tournament

March 3-5 
R&R Gun Show
March 17-19 
WV Woods and Water Expo

April 5-7
WV Library Association
April 8
Jehovah Witness Meeting
April 15 
Easter Egg Hunt
April 27  
WV Community HUB Hubaplooza
April 29 
SRMC Health Fair

May 6 
Spring Craft Extravaganza & Community Yard Sale
May 12
Midland Trail High School Graduation
May 13
Nicholas County Highs School Prom
May 21
Nicholas County High School Graduation
May 29
Memorial Day

June 2
Nicholas County Potato Festival Children's Pageant
June 3
Nicholas County Potato Festival Teen Queen Pageant - 7 p.m
June 22-24
WV Quilt Festival

July 4
Fireworks at Northside Sponsored by the City of Summersville and the Summersville CVB
July 20-22
WV Goldwing Riders Association Conference

October 31 
Safe Zone Trick or Treat
October 31
Happy Halloween

November 18 
Holiday Craft Extravaganza
November 23
Happy Thanksgiving

December 9 
Summersville Youth Athletic Banquet
December 25
Merry Christmas​
December 26-29 
CVB Holiday Basketball Tournament